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The Discovery of the Fifth Dimension, March 2013


JBIS Vol 64 No 05 (May 2011) - The British Interplanetary Society

TECHNICAL NOTE Neutrino Speed And Mass Theory And Its Deep Impacts on Cosmology. Henryk Frystacki. Refereed Correspondence.


Upending Physics - Spectacular Aspects of Neutrinos below, at, or above speed of light


An Interview with Henryk Frystacki: Einstein was “slightly off “?

Michael F. Shaughnessy, Eastern New Mexico University:


How ignorant was Einstein? India Post, New York:


Judyth Piazza Discusses 'Einstein's Ignorance of Dark Energy' with Dr. Henryk Frystacki:


An Amazing Phenomenon: Super-Sized Black Holes:


Interview with Chris Cook on Gorilla Radio:


At and Beyond: Shedding Light on Super-Sized Black Holes:


Link to book “Einsteins’s Ignorance of Dark Energy” on

Link to book “Einsteins’s Ignorance of Dark Energy” on


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